Why Are Some Of Us So Uncomfortable With Rainbow Flags?

Every once in a while, I encounter people with whom I have a fair amount in common when it comes to our ideological or political vantage points. We may have a similar interest in preserving the US Constitution, as written. We might get a kick out of how much we both hate cancel culture. We could even potentially bond over the same “conspiracy theories” — though I’m not saying which ones. Unfortunately for me, many of these people whose opinions I would otherwise be enthralled to shower with support still have an uncomfortably skewed perspective of gay people. …

One Friday morning, I woke up from a weird dream. Here are the parts I remember: In the dream, my sister and I were children again. I asked my dad to take me to a movie. Fast forward a few hours later, and my little sister had just been brought home by my dad after being taken somewhere without me. Unable to keep a secret, she tells me that she and my dad have just been to a movie. I’d been intentionally left behind. I start to cry and though I can barely squeeze the words out of my throat…

The Lemonade Stand Effect

I recall as a kid back in New Jersey, my family seemed inspired to be patrons of small local businesses as often as was practical. When there was a new place in town — a new ice cream spot, a new mini golf course, or something else we hadn’t seen before — it seemed that those places received special attention from my family. My kid brain wasn’t sure exactly why. I think it had something to do with what I’ll call “the lemonade stand effect” — that is, sometimes it’s not about how much you want…

A lesson about experiencing anger on social media

Have you ever been on Facebook or Twitter and had your mood derailed by a vicious comment on one of your posts? How did you respond? I had a dramatic experience on Facebook during just such an occurence, which ultimately demonstrated the caution and clarity that social media interaction often demands. There are some psychological issues under my belt, so I may be especially flammable when under ‘attack’ — be it in the form of unsolicited criticism, judgment of my character, or use of strong language. Yet in some instances, what I percieve as an ‘attack’ doesn’t always turn out…

I sat on a bench listening to the little black birds above me, which flittered in massive flocks from one palm tree fiesta to the next as I looked up and watched. The first stars of the evening were beginning to freckle the dusky sky.

Closer — Puremusic on Soundcloud

I had an inexplicable feeling that someone might be walking towards me, from behind. Instead of turning to look, I began imagining it was the attractive guy I’d seen a minute or two earlier, with whom I’d momentarily made eye contact before I bashfully retreated into the park where I…

Is arguing about this hat really going to fix America?

As an American expat, watching from afar, the bickering over MAGA (Make American Great Again) hats has drawn both my curiosity and concern. These red hats are basically the official merchandise of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and rallies. They have become notorious.

Recently I read an article on GQ arguing that the MAGA hat should be treated as an “object of hate”. I suppose that means hate symbol. I’m not sure if that means criminal.

Author Cam Wolf opens with the paragraph,

Those blood-red Make America Great Again hats have a tendency to crop up during the country’s dimmest moments…

Photo by Esteban Lopez on Unsplash

If only love were like a superhero that would come dashing to my rescue when I’m screaming at the top of my lungs. I want to be rescued from not having a reason to live. From this blanket of meaninglessness that covers every hour I’m awake.

Or, if there is a good reason to be alive, I’d like to be rescued from having no sense of what it could possibly be. All the shrinks and self help books couldn’t do it. I still wonder about love — since I don’t think I really know what it’s like to be loved.

An open letter to hypothetical parents, from your hypothetical baby

Hey guys. It’s me, that hypothetical baby you’ve been having a discussion about. So you’re wondering about whether now is a good time to have a baby? Normally hypothetical babies like me don’t get to participate in these discussions, but I’ve been feeling left out. Pardon me if it sounds like I’ve been eavesdropping on your conversations. I haven’t been, I swear, but I’d like to get some things off what would become my chest. So, here I am to offer my admittedly biased and babyish opinions.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

First off, I appreciate you for making me the subject of discussion at…

There’s a MySpace-Music-shaped hole in my heart </3

I just visited MySpace Music for the first time in a couple years. My, oh, MySpace, what have they done to the place? The old one wasn’t perfect, but this new layout obliterates everything that once made it kind of special.

MySpace Music used to fill a particular internet niche for international music fans. It was also one of the first websites of it’s kind where the artists could blog and comment and interact with their dedicated fans at various stages in their quest for exposure. I remember as a teenager in the mid 2000s how much fun I would…

Where Do Trans People Who Don’t Want To Transition Fit In?

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

I believe that overall quality of life is the most important thing to consider for people whatever their sex or gender, inward or outward. What things can we do to make another person’s life better? What things can we avoid doing?

We do not improve the quality of someone’s life by denying the validity of their lived experience as they tell it. Nor do we by validating the concept that one ‘earns’ their right to call themselves transgender only after seeking medical treatment.

I advocate inclusivity, embracing transgendered people at every step along their journey, accepting the various and unique…

Henry Crockett

Henry is an avid reader, writer, composer, and consumer of documentary films. He supports dialogue about mental health, race relations, and the LGBTQ community.

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