• Ayla Davis

    Ayla Davis

    Trans-feminine maker and leadership advisor learning to live authentically in love and in spirit. Living in MELBOURNE, Australia. Pronouns she/her.

  • Aaron Kara

    Aaron Kara

    Writer/actor/poet/idiot. Trying to provide light-hearted content and the occasional serious poem about life and stuff, but mostly stuff

  • Ronald/Marjorie Foltz

    Ronald/Marjorie Foltz

  • Andrei Polgar

    Andrei Polgar

    I teach people economics via books like The Age of Anomaly (Wall Street Journal & USA Today bestseller) and YouTube animations (YouTube.com/OneMinuteEconomics)

  • Richard Gordon

    Richard Gordon

    Irishman. Naturalist. Romance. Reflections.

  • Natalie Fagan

    Natalie Fagan

    Writer and reader who loves to travel. I am currently writing.

  • ed Hatfield

    ed Hatfield

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