What the @#$%&! Did They Do To MySpace Music?

I just visited MySpace Music for the first time in a couple years. My, oh, MySpace, what have they done to the place? The old one wasn’t perfect, but this new layout obliterates everything that once made it kind of special.

MySpace Music used to fill a particular internet niche for international music fans. It was also one of the first websites of it’s kind where the artists could blog and comment and interact with their dedicated fans at various stages in their quest for exposure. I remember as a teenager in the mid 2000s how much fun I would have browsing MySpace Music. Virtually anybody who’d ever recorded anything in a digital format was on it.

I could search for relatively obscure or up-and-coming artists by country and genre, or by alphabetical order if I wanted to be strange. I could browse through the results list page by page, skipping pages if I wanted to. Today for example, I was curious if someone was producing ambient music in Morocco. On the old MySpace Music website, I could search for that specifically. Or classical music from Japan. Or gothic music from Ireland. Whatever. Just try to do that now and see what happens.

When you go to the new MySpace music page, you can search for an artist you already know. But if you are interested in looking for new artists, you can pick a genre and that’s all. And there are no longer over 100 different genres to choose from: Farewell to psychedelic, disco house, happy hardcore, Hawaiian and friends. Though some of those genres I may never have cared for, it gave me comfort that they were there in case I changed my mind.

The final nail in the coffin for the new MySpace music is that there are no filters or tools to sort the results! SERIOUSLY WHO REDESIGNED THIS WEBSITE? I lost my patience in about five seconds.

Photo by Lewis Roberts on Unsplash

It’s as though somebody made one single Tumblr blog for each of the mere 15 musical genres they’ve butchered it down to, and for each genre all you are left to do is scroll through an ugly, bottomless list with gargantuan thumbnails (4 will fill up my computer screen). When I selected pop, one of the top 4 artists that came up was — I kid you not — Various Artists-Now That’s What I Call Music! I think I may have insulted Tumblr. Sorry, but this remodel is not going to do it for me.

Maybe competition from other websites is to blame, but even if everybody jumped ship and migrated to Soundcloud and YouTube, I am still in shock that MySpace decided to scrap all those old artist profiles. I wish I could look back and reminisce. I regret that today’s youth will never get to experience the old version — it was fun. RIP classic MySpace music, you will be missed. 💔



Henry is an avid reader, writer, composer, and consumer of documentary films. He supports dialogue about mental health, race relations, and the LGBTQ community.

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